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Pamphlets from between 1788 and 1788

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An Account of Slave Trade on the Coast of Africa FALCONBRIDGE (Alexander)Binnsvol001-0011788
Thoughts upon the African Slave Trade NEWTON (John)Binnsvol001-0021788
Considerations on the emancipation of Negroes and on the Abolition of the slave trade (pro-slavery tract) PLANTER (by a West Indian)Binnsvol001-0031788
Objections to the Abolition of the slave Trade with answers RAMSAY (Rev. James A. M.)Binnsvol001-0041788
Justice and Mercy recommended particularly with reference to the Slave Trade... Sermon preached before the University of Cambridge by Peter Peckard, Master of Magdalen College PECKARD (Peter)Binnsvol001-0051788
A Sermon on the Subject of the Slave Trade.. PRIESTLEY (Joseph)Binnsvol001-0061788
A sermon preached at Cambridge ROBINSON (Robert)Binnsvol001-0071788
spiritual refutation of a pamphlet, lately published by the Rev. Raymond Harris, entitled Scriptural researches on the licitness of the slave trade ROSCOE (William)Binnsvol001-0081788
An essay on the impolicy of the African slave trade, in two parts CLARKSON (Thomas)Binnsvol004-0021788
An address to the inhabitants in general of great Britain and Ireland, relating to a few of the consequences which must naturally result from the abolition of the slave trade, by Michael Renwick Sergent (?) Liverpool 1788 RENWICK (Michael)Binnsvol005-0011788
A Particular examination of Mr Harrisí scriptural researches on the Licitness of the Slave trade, by Henry Dannett, Minister of St. Johnís, Liverpool (1788) A pamphlet that examines whether slavery is right by looking at biblical texts Themes DANNETT (Henry)Binnsvol005-0061788
A general view of the African slave trade, demonstrating its injustice and impolicy: with hints towards a bill for its abolition. "ROSCOE William"Binnsvol010-0011788
Scriptural researches on the licitness of the slave trade, showing its conformity with the principles of natural and revealed religion, delineated in the sacred writings of the word of God HARRIS (Raymund)Binnsvol012-0041788
Scriptural researches on the Licitness of the Slave-Trade..Second edition of the above pamphlet, to which are added scriptural directions for the proper treatment of slaves, and a review of some scurrilous pamphlets, by Rev. R Harris HARRIS (Raymund)Binnsvol012-0051788
A sermon on the African slave trade, preached at Maze Pond, Southwark, Lordís Day afternoon, November 30th 1788, by James Dore (third edition 1788) DORE (James)Binnsvol020-0111788
Supplement to Mr. Cooper's letters on the Slave Trade. (Warrington 1788) COOPER (Thomas)Binnsvol024-0041788
An essay on the impolicy of the African slave trade. CLARKSON (Rev. Thomas)Binnsvol042-0011788
An essay on the slavery- and commerce.. CLARKSON (Rev. Thomas)Binnsvol042-0021788
Some historical account of GLTNER.. BENEZET (Anthony)Binnsvol042-0031788
Objections to the abolition of the slave trade.. RA_4SEY (James)Binnsvol042-0051788
Letter to the Treasurer of the Society.. Suppvol184-0011788