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Pamphlets from between 1789 and 1789

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Considerations on the abolition of slavery and the slave trade upon the grounds of natural, religious and political duty BURGESS (Thomas)Binnsvol002-0021789
Observations occasioned by the attempts made in England to affect the abolition of the slave trade, showing the manner in which Negroes are treated in the British colonies in the West Indies. FRANCKLYN (Gilbert)Binnsvol002-0031789
Notes on the two reports from the Committee of the Honourable House of Assembly of Jamaica, by a Jamaica Planter Binnsvol003-0011789
Scripture to the friend of freedom, exemplified by a refutation of the arguments offered in defence of slavery in a tract entitled scriptural researches on the licitness of the slave trade SCRIPTUREBinnsvol003-0021789
The speech of Mr Beaufoy (18.6.1788) in a committee of a whole house (in Parliament) on a Bill for regulating the Conveyance of Negroes from Africa to the West Indies, to which are added observations on the evidence adduced against the Bill. (Rejection of arguments supporting the transportation of enslaved Africans) also Observations on the evidence BEAUFOY (Henry)Binnsvol003-0031789
An essay on the comparative efficiency of Regulation or Abolition, as applied to the slave trade CLARKSON (Thomas)Binnsvol003-0041789
Answers to the fifth table of queries, published by the society in London, instituted for the purpose of effecting the abolition of the slave trade, by Thomas Cochrane MD COCHRANE (Thomas)Binnsvol003-0051789
Observations on the slave trade from the coast of Guinea, during a voyage made in 1787 and 1788 WADSTROM (Charles Bems)Binnsvol004-0011789
Letters on slavery, by William Dickson, formerly private secretary to the late Hon. Edward Hay, Governor of Barbados DICKSON (William)Binnsvol004-0031789
Letters relative to a voyage undertaken to Africa in 1787, for the purpose of promoting a plan for a new and independent settlement on the western coast WADSTROM (Charles Bems)Binnsvol005-0021789
Liberty or Death – a tract by which is vindicated the obvious practicability of trading to the coasts of Guinea for its natural products, in lieu of the slave trade (much more to the interest of the merchants in particular, and the kingdoms of England, Scotland and Ireland in general) by John Lowe of Manchester LOWE (John)Binnsvol005-0051789
Abridgement of the minutes of the evidence, taken before a committee of the whole house, to whom it was referred to consider of the Slave Trade, 1789 (part1) NUMBER IBinnsvol007-0011789
Commercial reasons for the non abolition of the slave trade in the West India Islands, by a planter, and a merchant of many years residence in the West Indies Binnsvol012-0011789
An answer to the Rev. Mr. Clarkson’s Essay on the Slavery and commerce of the human species, particularly the African; in a series of letters from a gentleman in Jamaica to his friend in London: wherein many of the mistakes and misrepresentations of Mr Clarkson are pointed out, both in regard to the manner in which that commerce is carried on in Africa, and the treatment of slaves in the West Indies, showing at the same time, the antiquity, universality and lawfulness of slavery, as ever having been one of the states and conditions of mankind, by G. Francklyn Esq FRANCKLYN (Gilbert)Binnsvol012-0061789
The Negro and the Free Born Briton compared; or a vindication of the African slave trade, proving that it is lawful and right, in a religious, in a political and in a commercial view. Interspersed with religious and critical digressions, humbly addressed to the people of England, but more particularly to the Legislature and to the merchants, planters and others concerned in the West India trade (London no date, perhaps 1790) Binnsvol019-0041789
Observations on the slave trade.. WADSTROM (Charles Berns)Binnsvol042-0041789
Notes on the two reports from the committee of the Honourable House of Assembly.. Binnsvol042-0061789