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Pamphlets from between 1791 and 1791

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Heads of the Speech Delivered by Colonel Tarleton, On the 18th of April, 1791, on a Motion made by Mr. Wilberforce, for the Abolition of The Slave Trade WILBERFORCEBinnsvol005-0031791
An abstract of the evidence delivered before a select committee of the House of Commons in the years 1790 and 1791, on the part of the petitioners for the abolition of the slave trade Binnsvol006-0021791
The debate on a motion for the abolition of the slave trade in the House of Commons, on April 18th and 19th 1791. WILBERFORCE (William)Binnsvol009-0041791
Consideration on the slave trade.. Binnsvol010-0091791
A particular account of the commencement and progress of the insurrection of the Negroes in St Domingo, which began August 1791, being a translation of the speech made to the national assembly 3rd November 1791 by the deputies from the General Assembly of the French part of St Domingo, 2nd edition, with notes and an appendix containing extracts from other authentic papers (London 1791 Binnsvol018-0021791
Substance of the Report of the Court of directors of the Sierra Leone company to the general court, held at London 19th October 1791 (London 1791 FALCONBRIDGE Alexander Binnsvol021-0021791
An address to the people of Great Britain on the propriety of abstaining from West India sugar and rum, 10th edition (London 1791) Binnsvol024-0141791
on the propriety of abstaining from West India Sugar.." Suppvol081a-0011791