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Pamphlets from between 1792 and 1792

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Fugitive thoughts on the African slave trade, interspersed with cursory remarks on the manners, customs and commerce of the African and American Indians FUGITIVEBinnsvol005-0041792
A very new Pamphlet indeed! being The truth addressed to the people at large, containing some strictures on the English Jacobins, and the evidence of Lord McCartney and others, before the House of Lords, respecting the Slave Trade M'CARTNEY (Lord)Binnsvol012-0031792
Clarendon’s accurate and copious account of the debates of the house of Commons, on Wilberforce’s motion for an abolition of the slave trade April 1792 WILBERFORCE (William)Binnsvol016-0061792
A particular account of the commencement and progress of the insurrection of the Negroes in St Domingo, which began August 1791, being a translation of the speech made to the national assembly 3rd November 1791 by the deputies from the General Assembly of the French part of St Domingo, 2nd edition, with notes and an appendix containing extracts from other authentic papers (London 1792 Binnsvol016-0091792
No Rum! No Sugar! or The Voice of Blood, being half an hour’s conversation between an Negro and an English gentleman, showing the horrible nature of the slave trade and pointing out an easy and effectual method of terminating it, by an act of the people (London 1792) Binnsvol023-0031792
The speech of the Right Hon. William Pitt on a motion.. PITT (William)Binnsvol024-0091792
The debate on a motion for the abolition of the Slave-Trade.. Binnsvol033-0011792
A Summary of the evidence producted before Committee of the House of Commons.. Suppvol082b-0011792
The Debate on a motion for the abolition of the Slave-Trade.. Suppvol191-0011792
Old truths and Established Facts, being and answer to a "Very New Pamphlet indeed!" Binnsvol012-003a1792