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Pamphlets from between 1804 and 1806

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Introductory observations in favour of the African slave trade, intended to point out the necessity for a more candid, connected, and extensive investigation of that great question that has yet been entered into; and to show the many benefits which, under god, have accrued to the British nation and to the Africans from that trade, and the evils that would ensue from its premature abolition; also, the means of lessening the mortality amongst negro slaves and among seamen employed in that trade, by Elliot Arthy (Liverpool 1804) ELLIOT (Arthy)Binnsvol020-0101804
Notices on the Slave-Trade: in reference to the present State of the British Isles. Suppvol172-0031804
Observations principally upon the speech of Mr Wilberforce on his motion in the House of Commons, the 30th May 1804 for the abolition of the slave trade, by Jesse Foot, surgeon (London 1805) FOOT (Jesse)Binnsvol022-0011805
An Historical Account of the Black Empire of Hayti.. RAINSFORD (Marcus)Suppvol248-0011805
Horrors of West India Slavery. Binnsvol024-0021806
Extract of a letter to a gentleman in Maryland, wherein is demonstrated the extreme wickedness of tolerating the slave trade etc. (London 1793) SHARP (Granville)Binnsvol024-0131806
Horrors of West India Slavery. Suppvol083a-0011806
Substance of the Debates on a resolution for abolishing the Slave Trade_. Suppvol133-0011806