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Pamphlets from between 1808 and 1815

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Substance of the report delivered by the Court of Directors of the Sierra Leone Company to the general court of proprietors on Thursday 24th march 1808 (London 1808) Binnsvol023-0081808
Considerations on the causes objects and consequences.. ROSCOE (William)Binnsvol033-0021808
Remark on the proposals made to Great Britain for opening... ROSCOE (William)Binnsvol033-0031808
An oration on the abolition of the Slave Trade: delivered.. WILLIAMS (Peter)Binnsvol033-0061808
The History of the Rise Progress and Accomplishment of the Abolition.. Vol. I. CLARKSON ('T'homas)Suppvol135-0011808
The History of the Rise Progress and Accomplishment of the Abolition.. Vol. 11. CLARKSON (Thomas)Suppvol136-0011808
The History of the Rise Progress and Accomplishment of the Abolition.. Vol. I. CLARKSON (Thomas)Suppvol173-0011808
The History of the Rise Progress and Accomplishment.. Vol. II. CLARKSON (Thomas)Suppvol174-0011808
The History of Barbados from the first discovery of the Island... POYER (John)Suppvol249-0011808
Poems on the Abolition of the Slave Trade.. MONTGOMERY (James); GRAHAME (James); BENGER (E.)Suppvol250-0011809
An account of some recent transactions in the colony of Sierra Leone, with a few observations on the state of the African coast GRANT (John)Binnsvol011-0011810
Abstract of the Acts of Parliament for abolishing the Slave Trade. Binnsvol044-0011810
A letter to Henry Brougham Esq. M.P. on the subject of Reform.. ROSCOE (William)Binnsvol033-0041811
Report of the Committee of the African Institution read to the General meeting... Suppvol124-0011811
Thirteenth Report of the Directors of the African Institution.. Suppvol125-0011811
The trials of the slave traders: Samuel Samo, Joseph Peters and William Tufft, tried in April and June 1812 before the Hon. Robert Thorpe LLD Chief Justice of Sierra Leone, with two letters on the slave trade TUFFT (William)Binnsvol011-0021813
Observations on the late treaty of peace with France; so far as it relates to the slave trade: in a letter to a friend Binnsvol011-0061814
A letter to his Excellency Prince of Talleyrand Perigord, on the subject of the slave trade, by William Wilberforce Esq. M.P. (London 1814) WILBERFORCE (William)Binnsvol018-0071814
The History of Toussaint Louverture. Suppvol172-0041814
The abolition of the Slave Trade A Poem... MONTGOMERY (James)Suppvol202-0011814
A letter to his Royal Highness the duke of Gloucester, President of the African Institution, from Zachary Macaulay Esq. occasioned by a pamphlet lately published by Dr. Thorpe, late judge of the colony of Sierra Leone, entitles ‘A Letter to William Wilberforce Zachary Macaulay Binnsvol010-0021815
A letter to William Wilberforce, vice president of the African Institution containing remarks on the reports of the Sierra Leone Company and African institution with hints respecting the means by which a universal abolition of the slave trade might be carried into effect, by Robert Thorpe Esq. chief justice of Sierra Leone and judge of the vice admiralty court in that colony (1815) A preface to the thid edition of a lettr to William Wilberforce WILBERFORCE (William)Binnsvol011-0031815
Perface the third edition of a Letter to William Wilberforce.. WILBERFORCE (William)Binnsvol011-0041815
De la Traite et de L’Esclavage des noirs et des Blancs "GREGOIRE (Henri Count)"Binnsvol020-0091815
A letter to His Royal Highness the Duke of Gloucester.. ZACHARY (Macaulay)Binnsvol032-0021815