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Pamphlets from between 1817 and 1822

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The speech of James Stephen Esq. at the annual meeting of the African institution at Freemason’s Hall, 26th March 1817, published at the request of his Highness the Duke of Gloucester (London 1817) STEPHEN (James)Binnsvol018-0041817
From the National Intelligencer, an American paper, announcing the death of Paul Cuffee (September 1817) Binnsvol023-0051817
Reflections on the blacks and whites – remarks upon a letter addressed by M. Mazeres, a French ex colonist, to JCL Sismonde de Sismondi, containing observations on the blacks and whites, the civilisation of Africa, the kingdom of Hayti etc. translated from the French of the Baron De Vastey, knight of the royal and military order of St Henry, secretary to the king, member of the privy council etc. (London1817 "VASTEY (J. L. de Bwon)"Binnsvol024-0071817
The Philanthropist. Arguments in support of the proposed bill... Mr. ChalmersBinnsvol032-0071817
The speech of James Stephen at the annual meeting of.. STEPHEN (James)Binnsvol032-0091817
A discourse delivered on the death of Capt. Paul Cuffee before the New York African Institution in the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, October 21st, 1817, by Peter Williams, a man of colour. WILLIAMS (Peter)Binnsvol010-0031818
More Thoughts still on the state of the West India Colonies.. MARRYAT (Joseph)Suppvol185-0011818
Free Remarks on the spirit of the Federal Constitution, the practice of the Federal Government and the obligations of the Union, respecting the exclusion of slavery from the territories and new states, by a Philadelphian (Philadelphia 1819) WALSH (Robert)Binnsvol019-0011819
A review of the Slave Registration Acts, in a report of a committee of the board of directors of the African Institution made on the 22nd February1820, and published by order of that board (1820) Binnsvol018-0061820
Information concerning the slave trade printed by order of a committee acting under the direction of the yearly meeting of the religious Society of Friends FRIENDS (Society of)Binnsvol010-0071821
The cries of Africa to the inhabitants of Europe or, a survey of that bloody commerce called the slave trade CLARKSON (Thomas)Binnsvol010-0081821
British Review. No. XXXVI. State of the Foreign slave trade.." Binnsvol036-0011821
African Institution. De 1'etat actuel de la Traite des Noirs.. Binnsvol036-0021821
Le Cri des Africains contre les Europeens.. CLARKSON (Thomas)Binnsvol036-0031821
The Cries of Africa to the inhabitants of Europe... CLARKSON (Thomas)Binnsvol046-0011821
Information concerning the Slave Trade. Binnsvol046-0021821
[A lose letter in a plastic Envelope.] W. Wilberforce Esq. to F.J. Buxton Esq.. Suppvol067-0091821
Substance of the proceedings in the House of Commons on Thursday July 25 1822 on the occasion of two addresses to His Majesty, one moved by Mr William Wilberforce, for preventing the Extension of slavery at the Cape of Good Hope, and the other, by Mr Wilmot, for sending Commissioners of Enquiry to certain British Colonies. Binnsvol010-0041822
Letters addressed to William Wilberforce MP recommending the encouragement of the cultivation of sugar in our dominions in the East Indies as the natural and certain means of effecting the total and general abolition of the slave trade CROPPER (James)Binnsvol010-0051822
An address to the inhabitants of Europe on the iniquity of the Slave Trade; issued by the Religious society of Friends, commonly called Quakers in Great Britain and Ireland Binnsvol010-0061822
Report of the committee managing a fund raised by some friends for the purpose of promoting African instruction with an account of a visit to the Gambia and Sierra Leone (London 1822) Binnsvol016-0161822
Letters in vindication of the rights of the British West India colonies, originally addressed to the editors of the Liverpool Mercury in answer to Mr James Cropper’s letters to W. Wilberforce Esq. MP, by Thomas Fletcher (Liverpool 1822) FLETCHER (Thomas)Binnsvol022-0021822
Discours prononce Par M. Le Duc de Broglie A la Chambre de Paris.. Binnsvol036-0041822
Lettre a L'Empereur Alexandre sur la traite des Noirs.. WILBERFORCE (William)Binnsvol036-0051822
Substance of the proceedings in The House of Commons on Thursday July 25 1822 Binnsvol037-0011822
An address to the Inhabitants of Europe on the Iniquity of the Slave Trade.. Binnsvol037-0031822
Letters addressed to William Wilberforce M.P. recommending the encouragement... CROPPER (James)Binnsvol037-0041822
Substance of the proceedings in the House of Commons on Thursday July 25th 1822 Binnsvol037-0051822
An address to the inhabitants of Europe.. Binnsvol046-0031822
An address to the inhabitants of Europe.. Binnsvol049-0061822
Substance of the proceedings in the House of Commons on Thursday July 25 1822 WILBERFORCE (William)Suppvol192-0011822
Societe de La Morale Chretienne. Comite Pour L 'Abolition de la Traite des Negres.. Binnsvol037-0021822?