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Pamphlets from between 1833 and 1837

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The danger of delay and the safety and practicability... Binnsvol025-0031833
The sin of slavery and its remedy WRIGHT (Elizur)Binnsvol034-0041833
A second letter from Legion to His Grace the.. Binnsvol040-0071833
The sinfulness of Colonial Slavery. HALLEY (Robert)Binnsvol040-0081833
Some remarks and explanatory observations on a Petition to Parliament.. Binnsvol040-0091833
Wages or the Whip. An Essay.. CONDER (Josiah)Binnsvol040-0101833
The interests of the Country and the prosperity of the West India Planters.. CROPPER (James)Binnsvol040-0111833
Three months in Jamaica.. WHITELEY (Henry)Binnsvol040-0121833
A vindication of a Loan of £15000 to the West India Planters CROPPER (James)Binnsvol040-0131833
West India Question. The outline of a plan.. PHILLIPS (Joseph)Binnsvol040-0141833
An inquiry into the merits of the American Colonization Society.. HODGKIN (Thomas)Binnsvol041-0101833
Strictures on Dr. Hodgkin's pamphlet on Negro emancipation.. Binnsvol041-0111833
The Liberian Crusade. TREMBLE (William)Binnsvol041-0131833
Facts designed to exhibit the Real character.. CLERICUSBinnsvol041-0141833
Liberia Unmasked; or The incompatibility.. Binnsvol041-0161833
Remarks on African colonization.. Binnsvol041-0171833
New England Anti-Slavery Society. The Abolitionist. Vol. 1 Nos I-XII. Suppvol144-0011833
Report from the Select Committee on the Extinction of Slavery.. Suppvol183-0011833
Records of a Voyage to the Western Coast of Africa in His Majesty's ship Dryad.. LEONARD (Peter)Suppvol188-0011833
Christianity and Slavery; in a course of Lectures preached.. ELIOT (Edward)Suppvol189-0011833
Corrected Report of the speech in the House of Commons May 14 1833 HOWICK (Viscount)Suppvol192-0071833
of Commons May 14 1833 Suppvol192-0081833
An Inquiry into the State of Slavery amongst the Romans.. BLAIR (William)Suppvol193-0011833
The American Colonization Scheme.. STUART (Charles)Binnsvol041-0151833?
Address before the Anti-Slavery Society of Salem.. GROSVENOR (Cyrus Pitt)Binnsvol034-0031834
Debate at the Lane Seminary Cincinnati. Speech of James A. Thome... Binnsvol034-0051834
Oration in honour of Universal emancipation in the British Empire.. GUILD (David L.)Binnsvol034-0061834
On the British African Colonization Society. HODGKIN (Thomas)Binnsvol041-0181834
The Maryland scheme of expatriation.. Binnsvol041-0191834
Debate for protecting the civil rights and imparting civilization.. BUXTON (F. Fowell)Suppvol142-0101834
A proposal for cultivating silk in the British Colonies.. Suppvol142-0141834
The Bow in the Cloud; or the Negro's Memorial. A collection.. Suppvol194-0011834
Bigotry exposed or a calm discussion of the abolition.." Binnsvol034-0071835
Exposition of the object and plans of the American Union. For the relief.. Binnsvol041-0021835
Report of the proceedings of the great Anti- Slavery meeting held at the Town Hall.. Binnsvol050-0021835
The Anti-Slavery Reporter No. 112. February1835 Binnsvol050-0031835
To the Right Hon. Charles Baron Glenely.. Binnsvol050-0051835
To the Right Hon. Charles Baron Glenely Suppvol122-0011835
A full and corrected report of the Proceedings of the public meeting held in Hope Street.. O'CONI TELL (Daniel)Suppvol142-0111835
A Sermon preached in the Chapel of St. Peter's Church PYNE (Rev. Thomas)Suppvol142-0121835
The Anti-Slavery Record for the American Anti-Slavery Society. Vol. I Nos I-XII. Suppvol145-0011835
Notes of a visit to some parts of Haiti.. HANNA (Rev. S.)Suppvol152-0011835
Slavery in America: An inquiry.. JAY (William)Suppvol153-0011835
Things for Northern men to do: A discouse delivered.. GREEN (Beriah)Binnsvol034-0081836
Freedom's defence: or A candid examination of Mr. Calhoun's.. Binnsvol034-0091836
Address to the General conference of the Methodist Episcopal church.. SCOTT (Orange Rev.)Binnsvol034-0101836
The trial of Reuben Cradall M.D. CRANDALL (Reuben M. D.)Binnsvol034-0111836
A full statement of the reasons which were in part offered.. Binnsvol034-0121836
An address to the Presbyterians of Kentucky.. BROWN (John)Binnsvol047-0041836
The narrative of Amos Dresser_ Binnsvol047-0051836
The Anti-Slavery Reporter. No. 1 3]. July 1836. [Vol. VI. No. 8].." Binnsvol050-0041836
Statements and Observations on the working of the Laws for the abolition of slavery.. Binnsvol050-0061836
Slavery. CHAINING (William)Suppvol072-0011836
A voice to the United States of America from the metropolis of Scotland... Suppvol123-0011836
The Cabinet of Freedom- The History of the Rise Progress and Accomplishment.. Vol. I. CLARKSON (Thomas)Suppvol137-0011836
The Cabinet of Freedom. The History of the Rise Progress and Accomplishment.. Vol. II. CLARKSON (Thomas)Suppvol138-0011836
The Cabinet of Freedom. The History of the Rise Progress and Accomplishment.. Vol. 111- CLARKSON (Thomas)Suppvol139-0011836
The Anti-Slavery Record. Vol. II Nos I-XII. Suppvol146-0011836
A memoir of Granville Sharp to which is added Sharp's "Law of Passive Obedience"... STUART (Charles) SHARP (Granville)Suppvol149-0011836
An appeal in favour of that class of Americans called Africans. CHILD (Mrs)Suppvol164-0011836
All modem slavery indefensible.. DICK (David A.)Suppvol175-0011836
The Anti-Slavery Examiner. Vol. 1. GRLMKE' (Angelina E.)Suppvol200-0011836
Slavery. Fourth Edition. CHANNING (William E.)Suppvol218-0011836
Does the Bible sanction Slavery? Binnsvol047-0031836?
Great Britain. Laws and Statutes Analysis.. Binnsvol050-0011836?
Report of the Parliamentary Select committee on Aboriginal tribes (London 1837) Binnsvol028-0031837
On abolishing transportation, and on reforming the colonial office: in a letter to Lord John Russell, by S. Bannister, late attorney general of New South Wales (London 1837) BANNISTER (Saxe)Binnsvol028-0041837
The principles, objects and plan of the New Zealand Association examined in a letter to the Right Hon. Lord Glenelg, secretary of State for the colonies , by Dandeson Coates Esq. COATES (Dandeson)Binnsvol028-0061837
Mr Dandeson Coates and the New Zealand Association; in a letter to the Right Hon. Lord Glenelg, by EG Wakefield Esq. (London 1837) WAKEFIELD (Edward Gibbon)Binnsvol028-0071837
The foreign slave trade, a brief account of its state, of the treaties which have been entered into, and of the laws enacted for its suppression, from the date of the English abolition Act to the present time (London 1837) Binnsvol028-0081837
An oration delivered before the inhabitants of The Town.. ADAMS (John Quincy)Binnsvol034-0131837
Views of Slavery and emancipation: from "Society of America". MARTINEAU (Harriet)Binnsvol034-0141837
The Mauritius. An exemplification of.. Binnsvol043-0171837
The foreign Slave Trade.. Binnsvol044-0041837
The "Negro Pew:" Being an enquiry... Binnsvol048-0051837
Negro apprenticeship in the colonies. Binnsvol050-0071837
A report of the proceedings of the Public Meeting held at Exeter Hall... Binnsvol050-0081837
[Another Edition. Negro Apprenticeship..] Suppvol061-0011837
An Act of the Jamaican Legislature for the classification of the apprenticed labourers. Suppvol067-0021837
A statement of facts illustrating the administration of the abolition Law... Suppvol067-0041837
Negro Apprenticeship in the Colonies.. Suppvol069-0011837
Slavery in America. A reprint of an appeal.. GRIMKE (Angelina E.)Suppvol071-0011837
The Anti-Slavery Record. Vol. III Nos I-XII. Suppvol147-0011837
Slavery in the United States: A narrative.. Suppvol176-0011837
Letter of Gerrit Smith to Rev. James Smylie.. SMITH (Gerrit)Suppvol200-0021837
Slavery in America. A reprint of An Appeal.. GRI]MKE' (Angelina E.)Suppvol208-0011837
A dissertation on servitude.. SAWYER (Leicester A.)Suppvol219-0011837
Letters on American Slavery.. RANKIN (John)Suppvol220-0011837
The "Negro Pew:" Being an enquiry concerning the propriety of Distinctions... Suppvol221-0011837