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Pamphlets from between 1838 and 1838

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British Guiana – speech delivered at the anti Slavery Meeting, in Exeter Hall on 4th April 1838 by John Scoble Esq. (London 1838) SCOBLE (John)Binnsvol027-0031838
Speech by George Thomson, Esq. at a great meeting for the extinction of Negro apprenticeship, held in the town hall, Devonport (London 1838) THOMPSON (George)Binnsvol027-0041838
Negro Apprenticeship in the British Colonies, by the Anti Slavery society (London 1838) Binnsvol027-0081838
The permanent Laws of the Emancipated Colonies. (London 1838) Binnsvol027-0111838
Anti slavery crisis: policy of ministers, with a postscript on the debate and division in the House of Commons (London 1838) Binnsvol027-0121838
Fifth annual report of the executive committee of the America anti Slavery Society (New York 1838) Binnsvol027-0141838
The first annual report of the Aborigines Protection Society, presented at the meeting in Exeter Hall, with a list of officers subscribers and benefactors (London 1838) Binnsvol027-0151838
[Circulated by the Aborigines Protection Society]..The history, antiquities, topography and statistics of Eastern India, by Montgomery Martin (London 1838) Introduction only MONTGOMERY (Martin) Binnsvol027-0161838
Statistics etc. surveyed under the order of the Supreme Government.. Binnsvol027-0171838
Report on the Indians of Upper Canada Binnsvol027-0181838
Letters to and from the Government of Madras relative to the disturbances in Canara, in April 1837 with some explanatory notes, to which is prefixed a letter to the honourable court of directors of the East India Company by FC Brown, Esq. (London 1838) BROWN (F. C.)Binnsvol027-0191838
The London and Westminster Review: Articles – Right and Wrong in Boston 1835-1837, by Isaac Knapp Binnsvol028-0011838
Report of a public meeting held at the town hall, Calcutta, on 24th November 1838 (London 1839) Binnsvol028-0051838
No. II – the foreign slave trade – a brief account of its state and of the treaties and laws relating thereto, continued to the present time (London 1838) Binnsvol028-0091838
A letter to the Hon. WTH Fox Strangways, undersecretary of state for foreign Affairs, on the present state of the slave trade in the West Indies, and on the means of more effectually counteracting it, by Captain Fair (London 1838) FAIR (Robert)Binnsvol028-0101838
Jamaica under the apprenticeship system by a proprietor. Binnsvol029-0011838
A reply to ""Letters to Joseph Sturge Esq."" by the Authors... HANKEY (William Alers)Binnsvol029-0071838
Abolition of Negro apprenticeship: being the fourth annual report.. Glasgow Emancipation SocietyBinnsvol029-0091838
Our case made out. Lord Glenelg a witness in favour of the immediate and total abolition of negro apprenticeship GRANT (Charles) Baron GlenelgBinnsvol029-0101838
Speech delivered in the House of Commons upon the motion of.. BULWER (Edward Lytton)Binnsvol029-0111838
A narrative of events since the 1st of August 1834. Together with... WILLIAMS (James)Binnsvol029-0121838
Minutes of proceedings of the requited Labor Convention.. Binnsvol029-0131838
Mr. Allen's report of a declaration of sentiments on Slavery.. ALLENBinnsvol034-0151838
The present state and conditions of the Free People.. Binnsvol034-0161838
Trial of Rev. John B. Mahan for felony. In the Mason Circuit... MAHAN (John B.)Binnsvol034-0171838
The Martyr. A discouse in commemoration of the Martyrdom... GREEN (Beriah)Binnsvol034-0181838
Pennsylvania Committee of Coloured Citizens. Appeal of.. Binnsvol034-0191838
Rights of Colored Men. Suffrage Citizenship and Trial by Jury... YATES (William)Binnsvol035-0011838
Letter on colonization.. BIRNEY (James)Binnsvol041-0201838
No. 11. The foreign slave trade. A brief.. Binnsvol044-0051838
The constitution of the American Anti- Slavery Society.. Binnsvol047-0011838
Thoughts upon Slavery. WESLEY (Rev. John)Binnsvol047-0021838
Constitution of the Anti-Slavery Society_ Binnsvol048-0011838
A narrative of the adventures and escape.. ROPER (Moses)Binnsvol048-0031838
The Ballot Box a Remedy for National.. Binnsvol048-0041838
Thoughts upon Slavery. IVESLEY (John)Binnsvol048-0061838
Jamaica under the apprenticeship system. Binnsvol050-0091838
Speech of S. Bowly esq. BOWLY (Samuel)Binnsvol050-0101838
No. 11. The Foreign Slave Trade. A brief.. Suppvol054-0011838
Anti-Slavery Society. Negro Apprenticeship.. Suppvol059-0011838
[Another Edition. Negro Apprenticeship..] Suppvol060-0011838
Punishment inflicted under the apprenticeship system.. Suppvol062-0011838
Food and other maintenance and allowances under the apprenticeship system... Suppvol063-0011838
The Permanent Laws of the Emancipated Colonies. Suppvol064-0011838
The Permanent Laws of the Emancipated Colonies in ms.. Suppvol065-0011838
Baron Brougham and Vaux. Lord Braugham._ BROUGHAM (Henry)Suppvol067-0011838
Negro Apprenticeship in the British Colonies. Suppvol067-0031838
British Guiana Speech delivered at the Anti- Slavery meeting... SCOBLE (John)Suppvol067-0051838
A narrative of events since the 1st of August.. WILLIAMS (James)Suppvol067-0061838
The operation of the apprenticeship system.. BEVAN (William)Suppvol067-0071838
ECLETIC REVIEW. Anti-Slavery Crisis.. Suppvol067-0081838
The Anti-Slavery Examiner. No. 5. The Power of the Congress.. Suppvol200-0031838
The Anti-Slavery Examiner. No. 6. The Bible Against Slavery. An enquiry.. Suppvol200-0041838
The Anti-Slavery Examiner. No. 7. Emancipation in the West Indies. THOME (Jas. A.) and KIMBALL (J. Horace)Suppvol200-0051838
The Anti-Slavery Examiner - Extra Emancipation in the West Indies.. Suppvol200-0061838
The Anti-Slavery Examiner. No. 8. Correspondence. Letter of Gerrit Smith to Hon. Henry Clay. Smith (Gerrit)Suppvol200-0071838
Libertd et Travail ou Moyens d'abolir L'Esclavage... HARDY (Par M. L'Abbe J.)Suppvol201-0011838
Letters to Catherine E. Beecher.. GRLMKE' (A. E.)Suppvol222-0011838
Memoir and Poems A native African and a Slave. WHEATLEY (Phillis)Suppvol223-0011838
Colonization and Christianity: A popular History of the Treatment of the Natives.. HOWITT (William)Suppvol238-0011838
Why Work for the Slave.. Binnsvol047-0061838?